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Post  dememi on Sun Jan 13, 2008 4:09 pm

We will operate a 3 strike rule, if you infringe on these rules and it decided that you deserved of a strike it will go against you name, you will have that strike for 1month at which point it will be scrubbed from your record, UNLESS another strike is earned, your month will then start anew with the new strike.
If you get a third strike you are then kicked from the guild.

1. SHOW RESPECT TO ALL PLAYERS - treat everyone as guild members, and treat guild members the way you would like to be treated, if not better.

2. No flaming or slamming of a player, or singling out a specific person for criticism. If there is that big a problem with a particular player, you need to be approaching guild leadership to deal with it, NOT taking it into a public channel and making an idiot of yourself in front of the rest of the guild. Taking a disagreement into guild chat will earn you a strike ANYWHERE else is a kickable offence.

3. No in-game stalking. If a person expresses that they are not interested in grouping, don't continue to follow them or continue to ask for a group. Also, asking for a group in guild chat several times in succession should be discouraged, as the results are not going to change, and the player asking for a group merely becomes annoying.

4. Confrontational dialogue should be avoided. It is considered confrontational dialogue when a person asks you to refrain from using a specific term (fag, gay, bitch, etc) and you continue to use that word. Also includes continuing to aim comments/conversation at someone who has indicated that they are either unable or unwilling to talk at the moment. Give a person their space. (Snr Officers and above may require an exemption to this, ONLY in the instance of pursuing a conversation with a player regarding the need to correct behaviour or take disciplinary action.)

6. No ninja-looting. A screenshot to back up an accusation (even from a non-guild member) that a guild member ninja'd loot is an immediate guild kick. To avoid potential issues, always ask for loot rules to be stated at the beginning of the run. Unless the group agrees otherwise at the start of the run, pass on BoP, blue, or epic items at first in a group, and always TYPE in chat to receive confirmation from the group before taking an item.

7. Be Friendly. Make an effort to acknowledge your guild members ... answer if possible when they ask a question, and say hello when someone logs on if you're able.

8. All members are allowed one alt in guild. Members with 70 mains can have as many over-60 alts as they like and one under-60 alt. Your alt is allowed to be of any level (1 to 70). We allow alts so that you can play with the people you know while building a new character. No Twinks are allowed as an alt.

9. We are not a shop. This means no selling in guild chat. It is totally acceptable to ask for mats if you are making something for someone or a "reasonable" price for mats you must provide because they are BoP.

10. Do not apply to other guilds while in the mysterious order. If found applying to a guild while still in the order without having a discussion with the GM/duputy or Raid Leader prior to your application, you will be removed immediately.

11. If you choose to share accounts we must inform you that we don't see different people behind a character we only see the character. If someone ninja's or breaks our rules on your character we donít accept the excuse, "but <insert person's name here> did it!" Our policy is that the person we accepted into the guild is responsible for every action of their character. So share your account info at your own risk.

12. Members log on at least once every 14 days. If they go over 14 days without letting the Leadership Team know they will be gone for an extended period of time they will be demoted or removed at the guild leadership's discretion.

13. No begging, from either guild members or others in the realm.

Guild Chat Rules

1. No comments about race, religion or sexual orientation EVER.

2. In party chat simply be aware of who is with you. If your fellow party members or people in the channel are adults and don't mind more adult oriented content that is fine. The Guild will NOT police party chat. All we ask is if someone asks you to stop ... stop.

3. By all means, let us know when you pick up that awesome piece of gear or kill that difficult boss, but DON'T spam any of the channels.

These rules are subject to change and if needed more will be written, so please check back here from time to time to make sure you are aware of ALL the rules, as "I didn't know" is no longer a viable excuse

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