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Post  dememi on Wed Jan 23, 2008 12:36 pm

Right everyone.

As you know we are pushing to have 2 full guild groups running Kara each week.

I want this is increse to 3 over time so that we can have the members fully geared up so we can move onto 25 man raids.

THIS IS POSSABLE if we work together to find the healers and tanks required to fill in the missing slots. As it stands we have quit a few warriors that are DPS can any of you switch to prot for us, lets face it if you turn prot you've got near 100% chance to raid each week atm.

We also require healers if none of the ones we have currently are respecing, we need 2 more for a kara run.

So this is a reqest that all people running kara at this time please help the members that are coming up to 70 that are prot/holy/resto as these players will probably secure YOUR raid spot.

Also please advertise in trade that we require kara ready healers/tanks then pass on deatils of any1 who is interested to a Raid Leader or above so that they can be invited to the guild. If we pull 2gether we will succeed and who knows mayb we can sit here one week and say "We killed Illidan". cheers

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