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Post  Litan on Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:55 am

Hello Dear Guild Members. The last two weeks people have been whineing and asking about kara raid, why they cant join etc.

Because of that we will now go serious with the rank called "Raider" and I will try to explain as good as possible for all you how this works.

When you come to the guild you will get the rank "Trial". You will be Trial for 1-2 weeks, then we will get to know you better and see how youre acting in the guild.
After those weeks you will be promoted to "Member". When you become a member then you can apply to be a "Raider".
When we see your thread we will add you to a kara raid in group 1 where you can prove that you are good enough to be a raider.

We do have some req.

1100 atk pwr
300 dps
and a good Main Hand

700 spelldamage
8k mana pool
1100 + healing
Around 7-8k (depens on class)
13k Armor
490 Def Rating
12k HP

When you get accepted for a tryout you will be invited the day we go karazhan. The group will look like this :
Main Tank, Off-Tank, DPS, DPS, DPS, DPS, DPS, Healer, Healer, RaidHealer. It will always be around 7-8 Raiders in the raid and 2-3 tryouts.

You will be raiding one weekend and after that we will decide if you got what it takes or if you need to make a new try.

The answer to why we do this is simple. We are building up good people for the future, when we're doing 25 raid and ZA.

You can start apply next Tuesday 29/01!

Hope you all like this and please send a tell to any GM if you got any questions!

// GM


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