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Post  Litan on Wed Jan 30, 2008 4:17 am

Boss Fights In Karazhan

Attumen and Midnight
It will start with only the horse Midnight until he gets to 70%. Then spawns the knight Attumen and theyre seperate mobs. When the horse gets to 30% they become one. Attumen jumps up on Midnight and then nothing else happens, tank and spank.

MT will tank Midnight at the little caravan. When Attumen spawns, Offtank will tank him away from the group against a wall. Then MT tank them both when they become one at the Caravan.

Things to Think about : stay behind the Knight since he does Cleave. Healers are supposed to stand close, then you cant be charged by the horse.

5 mobs to have controll over here. We always try to keep 3 CC and kill the first add. Sometimes you kill one more add and sometimes not. Depends which kind of CC you got. You always kill adds first.

MT will tank together with offtank away from the group against a wall. He will blind and Gouge the tanks. Thats why Blind needs to be dispelled. When the add/s are killed you go for Moroes. He will sometimes Vanish and put Garrote on players. Keep the Garroted players healed all the time!

Things to Think about : Keep an eye out if you got a target to CC! Use Iceblock or Bubble when you get Garroted, it will remove the effect.

Maiden will do a concecration 24/7. We want only 3 melee inside the ring to be able to heal everyone, maybe 4 sometime. Every 30s she will do a holyfire which deals alot of damage and need to be dispelled by priests and paladins. every 40-50s she uses "repentence" which stuns everyone outside the ring. With DBM you can easiely run inside a couple of seconds before in the ring and take 300 damage and then avoid it.

Things to Think about : Always keep Tank at 100%, HoTs up and priest-shield when she uses repentence incase you dont get inside the ring in time. Dont be LoS for the priest and paladin. Always dispell holyfire asap. Spread out by the pillars!

Opera Event
Taccs will be told when we get there. Depens on which event we get.

Easy boss if you know what to do. Keep killing adds until he starts his Evocation. DONT FORGET TO KILL LAST ADD. when Evo is on he takes 3x more dmg. Thats all folks

Things to Think about : always kill the adds and use trinkets only at Evocation.

Shade Of Aran
He will cast Fireballs, Frostballs and Arcane Missiles. Rogues interupt Fireballs, Mages and hunter takes care of Frostbolts. Leave the Arcane missiles. Every 30s he will spawn a special attack. Blizzard : Look out for the Tornado and stay in front of it. 50% of the room will be filled with ice poles coming from the sky. Fire : NOBODY MOVES! Im not gonna tell why cause you only stay still. Arcane : he will explode in 10s, you will be slowed but just run to the wall and wait for the explosion.

Things to Think about : Always interupt and be ready for the special attacks.

Free epics. You will be dealt a creature to stear from the raid leader!

Caster : Always stand on the guy that is marked with a star. Not infront or beside him. He will spawn infernals. Stay at the star and you will be safe
Melee : If you get a debuff when you get 1hp. Run back to the caster group and wait for he debuff to wear, then run back. Youre HP cant be healed up.

100% - 70% Phase 1
69% - 30% Phase 2 - He does alot more damage and wait with Long CDs for this Phase. Need to be killed fast
29% - 0% Phase 3 - His axes will start kill a random person in the raid. He will be healed by the Raid-Healer. No problem

Things to Think about : Always know where the "star" is standing and watchout for debuff.


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