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New Guild forming! Empty New Guild forming!

Post  Litan on Sat Feb 02, 2008 8:04 pm

Each time we open guild window we see people that has been in the guild for 2 weeks. Not level 70, still hasnt done Kara PreQ and are inside a BG we decided to form a new guild for everyone that really wants to get as far as possible in Raiding.

We got one group runing Karazhan every week and we almost down all the bosses. The thing is, everytime we see 10 people inside Karazhan and 5 people that are kara ready and wants to go while we are 100 members in the guild. Thats why we want to give everyone a chance to make a choice here. You can stay in Mysterious Order to play with all the members, chat and have fun. Maybe you got alot of things going on IRL like work, children etc. We dont blame you! IRL always goes first but we dont want to stop everyone else from geting as far as possible in Raiding. Therefore we will start a new guild for everyone that is Level70, Kara ready, got time to play and ofcourse want to join.

Right now the new guild will be formed by everyone that has the "raider" or "member" rank (Even some Trials we really think can handle it). Lets say youre not Kara ready at this moment but you are in 3 days. Then you can send a tell or post at the new forum that you really wants to join the raiding guild and think you can handle it. We will talk it over and talk to you how everything works and probably give you a try Smile

Im not saying that TMO wont be raiding karazhan, what Im saying is that it will go faster forward with people who really are serious in playing. To reach that goal we cant run around with a guild full of alts, level 60-69 players and Not kara ready players. As I said in the part before you are welcome to join the kara guild when youre level 70 and kara ready and we think you can actually can help us reach the goal we're runing for.

You are all welcome to ask question/s to me in-game. I only want serious questions! If I feel that someone is trying to make fun or being mad at me you can say hello to my /ignore.

Please dont spam Dememi or Piperleo cause they dont have any answer since me and Fahrrad are the people that started this discussion with them.


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