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Post  dememi on Mon Jan 14, 2008 2:21 am

1. DO NOT GET SAVED TO ANOTHER RAID INSTANCE. Raid dungeons are on timers. For example, if you go with a group and kill a raid boss on Tuesday night, you will be saved to that instance and will be locked out of guild raids of that instance. We need as many as possible available for our raids if we are to be successful.

2. ONLY GO TO RAIDS WITH OTHER GUILDS OR PEOPLE IF THEY ARE ON THE APPROVED ALLY/RAID LEADER LIST. Raiding with an unapproved guild or even someone in our guild who isnít an approved raid leader puts you at risk of disciplinary action. Any person ranked Raid Leader or higher is approved to lead raids.

3. Sign up for runs as soon as you can. All you will have to do is make a post in the relevant topic to tell if and when you are available. The Raid Leaders will post thier teams before the raid so that all are aware who is going.

4. If you sign up for a run, SHOW UP. Reliable people make a raid work. We understand that real life issues pop up from time to time, so if that happens try to let the raid leader know if you will not be able to make it so they can plan for a replacement. If you no show too many times you may be automatically placed on the denied list for upcoming raids - Simply meaning you are pulled into raid last.

There will be a DKP penalty for signing up for raids and not showing up, leaving before the run time is up or coming late without notice prior to raid. You also can be banned from the next raid. This penalty applies to any sign-up that does not state they have a time limit or does not state they mayb late

The penalty is not decided yet but will be updated when we do know

5. Be at the instance portal at the time the raid INVITES start. Generally slots you signed up for will ONLY be held for 10 minutes after the start of invites. If something will stop you from being on at invite time but you will still be on before the raid let the raid leader know. If you donít do this DONíT complain about your spot being given away. Do not count on being able to receive a summon to the instance.

6. Remember that our raids are not only about getting loot, but about helping the guild progress further in the game. Loot is nice, but donít let greed rule how you act. Eventually, everyone will get the nice gear. Gearing out all of our members is one of the guild goals. It just requires patience, teamwork, and a commitment to making the raid work, which sometimes means making a personal sacrifice for the group like sitting in subs.

7. Follow the instructions of the raid leader. One person deviating from the chosen strategy can wipe the raid and ruin 3 hours worth of effort. DONíT ARGUE. If your raid leader asks for suggestions speak up but if not wait till after the run. Our raid leaders are always willing to discuss different tactics and strategies outside of an instance.

If a raid leader assigns a specific job to you player, you need to type your role into raid chat to make sure the instructions are clear: e.g ďI am MH on MT"

8. Be willing to play different roles to meet the needs of the raid. If you feel you are being asked to fill a role you feel you are unsuited for, let the raid leader know, but also let them know you are willing to try.

9. During a fight, keep chat to a minimum. It can be very hard to give and receive directions when raid chat is filled with chatter that could wait until after the encounter.

10. DONíT LOOT DURING BATTLE. Looting while a fight goes on can be very distracting. If a roll window pops up, players can be easily distracted by the need to check their gear vs. the item drop to see if they should roll or pass, and we all need to be focused on the encounter.

11. Expect wipes. As we progress as a guild, we will face new battles for which we still need to learn the strategy. Part of this learning process is repeated attempts at the encounter, and often repeated deaths. These deaths are NOT FAILURES so long as we are learning from the encounter.

12. Be sure to come to the raid prepared. Have your armour repaired, First Aid levelled with bandages ready, have the reagents necessary for your spells, and the potions/items that you are likely to need for the encounter.

13. No Damage Meters are to be posted until AFTER the run is complete. Even then it is important to remember that damage and heal meters are not the measure of a good player. There are many jobs in a raid and some require damage ... others do not.

14. No excessive AFK's. Excessive AFK's can result in being removed from the raid or even strikes. This includes not going AFK during Loot Distribution. Get drinks, go to the bathroom and refrain from answering non-emergency phone calls. If you MUST AFK let the Raid Leader know and try to make it at an opportune time ... not in the middle of a boss or timed trash pull.

15. Mods are tools. Tool being the operative word. You need to be able to play your class well without the use of a single mod. Yes, this is scary. It is understood that mods help but it is also understood mods break, often with patches. "My mod is broken (or not working)" is never an excuse for sub average game play.

16. The following are required for raid partisipation, KTM/OMEN, DEADLY BOSS MODS. These are both add-ons that will help you monitor your aggro, and keep you informed of boss's "special" abilities. You are alos required to Download and intall Ventrilo version 3.0 or above. We do not expect you to go out and bu a Microphone, we expect for you to be able to hear so that tactics can be said over vent.

17. Please read up on the encounters that you are going to be facing in your raid, this will help as you wont need to know every detail of every boss.

18. You MUST be PvE spec'd to raid. We dont mind you being PvP spec'd if you are runnign the odd BG or going to Areana. But when you are raiding you must be PvE spec'd

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